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PEARL Camera and OpenBook Package

$ 1,295.00 USD

The PEARL, combined with OpenBook scanning and reading software, brings blind and low vision users instant portable access to printed material with an array of human-sounding voices. The folding camera deploys in seconds to connect to your PC and snap a picture of your reading material and begins reading it aloud instantly. You control the voice and the reading rate. You can display the text so that it wraps on the screen, enlarge the font, change the font style, and change the foreground and background colors.

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In automatic mode, the PEARL senses motion, so it knows to snap an image and begin reading again whenever you turn a page.

The PEARL sets up in seconds and folds into a compact 14”x 3”x 2 1/8” package, and zips into its protective neoprene case for maximum portability.

For upgrades of OpenBook 7.0 and 8.0, please call 877.551.6658.


  • Built-in LED lighting for dim settings
  • Scan 20 pages per minute while reading
  • Add comments and highlighting
  • OpenBook scanning identifies columns and places them in logical reading order
  • Export to other applications like Microsoft Word or Notepad
  • Runs off a single USB port – no battery or external power supply required.
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