RUBY® XL HD 5" screen
The Ruby XL HD is a lightweight, 5" display with buttons on each side. Glide over text at your distance and adjust zoom and contrast, anywhere. The RUBY XL HD+ offers the same features as the RUBY XL HD, only in a high-contrast, black and white version.


  • Ruby XL HD
  • Ruby XL HD+ (High Contrast Buttons)


  • 5-inch widescreen LCD
  • 2x -14x continuous zoom
  • Built-in reading stand
  • Easy flip-out handle
  • Fast reading with no blur
  • Lightweight design at 10.5 oz.
  • 3 hours continuous use
  • 20 high-contrast color viewing modes
  • Freeze Frame with adjustable magnification
  • Save up to 80 images and send to computer with USB
  • Reading Line and Masks
  • Universal Power Supply with Multiple Connectors